word lid

Word lid van de PvdA!

Samen kunnen we onze idealen waarmaken.

Doe mee en word nu lid!

Word lid
TimmermansEU @timmermanseu

Glad to have met the new Polish FM Czaputowicz. We discussed the issue of the Rule of Law in Poland and I’m looking forward to continuing this dialogue in Warsaw and Brussels. https://t.co/ax3bjlrmyS

TimmermansEU @timmermanseu

This Commission has really pushed better regulation so that we are ambitious where we must be, and modest wherever we can be. We do this on the basis of the latest evidence and broad public consultation. https://t.co/AlKHG5jEul

TimmermansEU @timmermanseu

Every second approximately 700 kg plastic is dumped in the ocean. If we go on like this there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 #plasticstrategy @Europarl_EN @jyrkikatainen @KarmenuVella @EBienkowskaEU @EU_Commission