word lid

Word lid van de PvdA!

Samen kunnen we onze idealen waarmaken.

Doe mee en word nu lid!

Word lid
TimmermansEU @timmermanseu

Shocked and outraged by murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. If journalists are silenced, our freedom is lost

TimmermansEU @timmermanseu

‘On ne peut pas utiliser la démocratie contre l’état de droit’ mon interview dans @lalibrebe https://t.co/9LMm0fg6A2

TimmermansEU @timmermanseu

As promised last year I came back to Siracusa to talk about the courageous and humane way the people of Siracusa are dealing with migration https://t.co/SmdevB94mZ